Sarah’s Status Update for Saturday, Feb. 22

This week, I worked on processing PDM signals into PCM and processing analog into PDM. Both of the work was done since we want to have flexibility in handling different data. The coding was done in MATLAB since we wanted to have a quick code for simulation and testing purposes. However, later on, we will be writing the program in either Java or Python for efficiency and higher level processing steps.

This is a block diagram for how the received signals will be processed.

The relative density of pulses of the audio data is represented in PDM signals. I used a sawtooth wave to modulate the analog signal to output PDM. However, I realized this is PWM output, which is a special case of PDM, but quite different from what we want to achieve. PWM signal is when the switching frequency is fixed. Now, I instead will approach to  modulate the analog signal with a binary signal to produce PDM signal.

In converting the PDM signals to PCM signals, I am first sampling at a lower rate (method called Decimation) and going through a series of FIR low pass filter (3rd order FIR possibly), making sure the information signal within the  bandwidth of interest is captured. More research should be done in this area.

What to do next:

  • Edit the code and make sure it works.
  • Test analog to pdm and pdm to pcm with sample data.
  • Think about higher level processing and try writing the code.





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