Mark’s Status Report for April 18th

This week, I finished the serialization of the linear and ReLU layers for any model. We only decided to implement two layers since we did not have enough time to implement the other layers on the hardware side. This also took longer than expected as I ran into issues with converting from a tensor to a multidimensional list to a single dimension list. Additionally, I finished serialization for samples. During this process, we had to change our data transmission protocol from UDP to TCP. The reason for this was because TCP guarantees that data will reach the destination router and allows for easier chunk reading since its a stream based connection as opposed to UDP.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to fully implement the Workload manager, and the current setup is a hard coded manager that sends 15 models to one board. Additionally, I wasn’t able to implement some sort of mechanism that would wait for results from the FPGAs and store this result.

This coming week, I plan on helping Jared with the integration between the Data Source Machine and the RaspPi. During our preparation for our final presentation, we will talk over to see what additional features must be implemented in order to provide a good demo.

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