Team Status Report for April 4



Theodor implemented the skeleton of the FPU and implemented the Linear Forward Operation. He also implemented the assignment phase of the Model Manager.

Mark implemented the Tensor serializer (Dimensions 1-4) as well as a rough skeleton for serializing each of the various layers of a model.

Jared implemented a UDP client for the Raspberry Pi and is debugging the SPI protocol on the FPGA.



Accomplishments for next week

Theodor will spend next week implementing the rest of the FPU Job Manager operations. After that, he will finish work on the Model Manager and (if necessary) implement the DPR for end-to-end communication.

Mark will spend next week implementing the serialization of each of the potential layers, as well as cleaning up the communication between the Data Source machine and the Rasp Pis.

Jared will produce a working SPI implementation and a receiving module for the FPGA. This includes correct interpretation of the transport layer protocol.

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