Project Summary

Welcome to the project blog for AutoPuzzlr!

Our team’s project is an automatic jigsaw puzzle solving system called AutoPuzzlr. The tabletop rig will assist a human user with solving jigsaw puzzles of approximately 250 pieces and around 20” x 20” or smaller in size. AutoPuzzlr will take as inputs the full puzzle image (as is included inside or on the box of most puzzles), its dimensions, and all the puzzle pieces via a video stream of all the picture-side up puzzle pieces on the table. As the user taps pieces on the table, AutoPuzzlr identifies the piece and where it goes in the final puzzle, and projects animations and guides for the user to move the piece into its place. AutoPuzzlr identifies users’ fingers and recognizes their taps, so that there is no barrier between a user and their puzzle – just lay out all the pieces and start tapping on them to solve the puzzle!