Team Status Report for 4/25

Been further working on putting everything together as well as making a presentation for Monday.


Things are coming together and becoming more polished. Our project is almost fully fleshed out, and exciting things are coming.

Andrew’s Status Report for 4/25

Been working on our final presentation as well as polishing up our project. Been running into different issues and trying to make sure they will all get ironed out by the time that we present and by the time that our video is made.

Stay tuned, exciting things are coming.

Andrew’s Status Update for 4/18

Running into some issues with image rotation, but I have some work arounds planned. Pipeline is otherwise working well. Added some light smoothing techniques to make puzzle pieces more glare resistant, but still have some last minute bugs to iron out.

A0 Team Status Update for 4/4

Overall our team has been working on making our project ready for the midsemester demo on Monday. We are hoping to have all of our individual pieces of our project put together enough so that we can focus a majority of our efforts on piecing together our final project before the time comes to complete our additional trade studies.

Andrew’s Status Update for 4/4

This week I solved a major problem that was blocking me for a while.  I am now able to do a very major part of my project that I was having a lot of trouble with for the last few weeks. I am able to match a piece of an image within the larger image, without using a very naiive approach of doing a simple subtraction of the image block from the overall image. 

This is one of 6 methods. 5 of those 6 methods that use the template image among some that convolve the image and find the features and match them among the original image. I am still working on ways of making this as robust to rotations as possible. I need to do more testing to ensure that this is possible and I can meld this with previous research. This is my largest contribution for this week, the rest has been touching up previous pieces of code and working on the overall pieces of the pipeline.

Team Status Update 3/28

We’ve been working on implementing our new responsibilities as well as ordering our new parts.  Overall we have been working on implementing the different pieces of our pipeline but have yet to put them all together.

Andrew’s Status Update for 3/28

This week has been focused on ensuring that we have the parts that we need. I have been working on piece identification as well ensuring that the piece features can match to the overall image.  I’ve been splitting up some of the work from future weeks, but it feels like a natural progression.

Team Status Report for 3/21

Our team has been discussing ways of adapting our project given that the university is closing and we will not have access to any physical materials for our project.  We have decided to move to a simulation based project that keeps the core of our project the same. While scaling back the physical parts of our project we are able to include design studies to trade off and test the limits of our algorithm. We will be able to test our algorithms against down-sampled versions of the image pieces so that we will hopefully be able to see what camera resolution would be needed if the original project was physically realizable.

Andrew’s Status Update for 3/21

Been working with my team and my Professor and TA about how to transition our project into something that is doable given the new “design constraints” that COVID-19 has imposed.  We have been working to figure out ways to keep the core of our project largely the same but involve no physical parts in order to make the project able to be completed while socially distancing as well as keeping the project in a state that will not have each member of the group tied to a piece of the project that another member may be actively working on, thus decoupling each member’s work.