Weekly Status Report 03/02

Name: Wenxin Xiao

Team Members: Aditya Ranade, Akshat Jain

  • What did you personally accomplish this week on the project? Give files or photos that demonstrate your progress. Prove to the reader that you put sufficient effort into the project over the course of the week.
    • Over this week, we mostly focused on filling the details of our design of the project for design presentation and design report. I worked on the metrics for testing and validating our results, the test environment we plan on using, the benchmarks we set for human detection, mapping coverage, and others. I also worked on the budget for the parts we decide to order, adding in an IMU, and updated our new timeline with more details on the design.
  • Is your progress on schedule or behind? If you are behind, what actions will be taken to catch up to the project schedule?
    • Our progress is slightly behind since we delayed ordering the parts until we met the TA on Thursday. We will order the robot chassis, IMU, and LIDAR the following Monday and plan to catch up on schedule by assembling them over spring break.
  • What deliverables do you hope to complete in the next week?
  • We will order the parts the following Monday. I further plan to start working on the algorithm that deals with finding the frontiers of the grid map.

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