Weekly Status Report 03/02

Akshat Jain

Over this week I worked on setting up the hardware interfaces for all the sensors on the Raspberry Pi. This involved setting up the virtual machine on Raspberry Pi and setting up SSH on it so that all team members can work on the Raspberry Pi remotely. It also involved opening up the I2C, SPI and serial ports of the Raspberry Pi. I also downloaded all the API’s needed for all the sensors so that all of them can work with Python. I also set up ROS on the Raspberry Pi.

I also worked on creating a more detailed diagram of the hardware subsystems for the Design Document. This involved finding the correct GPIO pins for the I2C, SPI and serial interfaces and figuring out the correct wiring as well as the exact placement of the lidar on the mobile wheeled robot. We also figured out a mechanism to rotate the robot so that the thermal camera can capture 360 degree information.

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