Lab Schedule

Lab Name Notes Assigned Date Due Date
Lab 0: Bootstrapping Handout [pdf] 08/29/2023 09/05/2023
Lab 1: Branch Prediction Handout [pdf] 9/14/2023 9/21/2023
Lab 2: Design Space Optimization & Memory Hierarchy Handout [pdf] 9/21/2023 10/05/2023
Lab 3: Virtual Memory Handout [pdf] 10/24/2023 11/07/2023
Lab 4: Sparse Problems / Performance Optimization Handout [pdf] 11/07/2023 11/28/2023
Lab 5: Parallelism and Synchronization Handout [pdf] 11/28/2023 12/07/2023

Lab Resources


All lab resources will be distributed via AFS at /afs/ To get started, you're going to want to carefully read the 18-344 course README (/afs/ You should work on labs on the ECE department cluster machines, e.g., and the ECE numbers cluster {ece001-ece031}