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Welcome to the wiki for ECE 742. For most class information, see the course website and Blackboard. This wiki will serve to coordinate class projects for now.

Project Groups

Please add your group members and a brief (one-line) summary of your project idea below:

  • Anthony Cartolano, Bob Koutsoyannis, Daniel McFarlin : Run-Ahead Execution for Partial Loop Unrolling
  • Evangelos Vlachos, Vivek Seshadri, Socrates Demetriades: Asymmetric Memory Hierarchies
  • Christos Angelopoulos, David Lewis, Aniket Ponkshe : Cache eviction policies on Chip Multiprocessors
  • Lavanya Subramanian, Da-Cheng Juan, Shun Ping : Asymmetric Chip Multi Processors
  • Yoongu Kim, Michael Papamichael, Yu Cai: Fair and High-Performance Memory Scheduling
  • Chris Craik, Miray Kas: NoC/Memory Cross-Scheduling for Performance
  • Vinod Chandrasekaran, Swaminathan Ramesh : Request-aware prioritization in on-chip networks

Literature Survey

Please sign up for one topic below, with no more than two people per topic. The list of papers is on Blackboard here.

New Memory Technologies

  • Lavanya, Miray

Main Memory System

  • Michael Papamichael
  • Yoongu Kim

Data Center Power


  • Christos Angelopoulos
  • Socrates Demetriades

Shared Resource Management in Multi-Cores

  • Tony Zisko
  • Tony Cartolano

On-chip Interconnects

  • David Lewis
  • Yu Cai

Parallel application performance

  • Chris Craik
  • Evangelos


  • Aniket Ponkshe
  • Vivek Seshadri

Concurrency Bugs


  • Bob Koutsoyannis
  • Daniel McFarlin


  • Swaminathan Ramesh


  • Da-Cheng Juan
  • Shun-ping Chiu
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