18-649 Distributed Embedded Systems

Fall 2015
Carnegie Mellon University, ECE Department

Prof. Philip Koopman

Lectures: MW 12:30-2:20; DH 1212
Recitation: Friday 1:30-1:50; DH 1212, plus team meetings 12:30-2:20

Required text: Koopman, Better Embedded System Software, ISBN-13: 978-0-9844490-0-2. USE THIS LINK FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE. (Link to Book Blog).

Note: materials and assignments are draft until gray box background is removed.
Meeting Date Lecture Required Reading
.pdf links are CMU-only access; use the "Digging deeper" links to see citations.
Project Milestones
(Projects Due Evenings at 10:00 PM)
Mon. 31-Aug-2015 1. Course Overview & Introduction Text Chapters 2, 3
Digging deeper
Required Reading (.pdf)
Wed. 2-Sep-2015 2. Elevators as a distributed embedded application Required Reading: (.pdf); Text Chapter 5
Digging Deeper
Fri. 4-Sep-15 3. Requirements and Methodical Engineering
Recitation 1
(Class & recitation 12:30-2:20)
Text Chapters 6, 8, 9
Digging Deeper
Project Lessons Learned (cmu.edu only)
Mon 7-Sep-15 Mon. 7-Sep-2015; Labor Day; no class    
Wed. 9-Sep-15 4. UML-Based Design Process Required Reading (.pdf)
Text Chapter 12
Digging Deeper
Wed 9-Sep-15: Team requests due via e-mail by 5 PM
Due Thu 10-Sep-15
Proj. 1
(requirements; simulator)
Fri. 11-Sep-15 Recitation 2
Recitation 1:30-2:00
Assigned team meeting slots12:30-1:30; 2-2:20; etc.
Mon. 14-Sep-15 5. End-to-end design example Text Chapters 7, 13
Digging Deeper
Wed. 16-Sep-15 6. Distributed + Embedded Systems
(Includes ET vs. TT)
Required Reading
Text Chapters 10, 11
Digging Deeper
Due Thu 17-Sep-15
Proj. 2
(scenarios; sequence diagrams)
Fri. 18-Sep-14 Recitation 3    
Mon. 21-Sep-15 7. Boeing 777 Validation Testing
Required Reading (.pdf*)
Digging Deeper
Wed. 23-Sep-15 8. Software Safety Motivation: Toyota Unintended Acceleration
Compay Talk: Key Tech
Required Reading (Web) Thu 24-Sep-15
Proj. 3
(event-triggered behavioral requirements)
Fri. 25-Sep-15 Recitation 4  
Mon. 28-Sep-15 9. Reviews & Software Process
Company talk: Garret Lee, Boeing
Text Chapters 17, 22
Digging Deeper
Review checklist
Wed. 30-Sep-15 10. Embedded Software Testing Required Reading (.pdf); Text Chapter 23, 24
Digging Deeper
Thu 1-Oct-15
Proj. 4
(time-triggered design)
Fri. 2-Oct-15 Recitation 5    
Mon. 5-Oct-15 11. Verification, Validation & Certification Text Chapters 21, 25
Digging Deeper
Wed. 7-Oct-15 12. Embedded System Engineering Economics Required Reading (local)
Text Chapter 16, 18
Suggested: .html
Digging Deeper
Thu 8-Oct-15
Proj. 5
(implementation & start tests)
Fri. 9-Oct-15 Recitation 6   Study for Test #1!
Mon. 12-Oct-15 13. Embedded Communication Protocols Required Reading (.html*)
Digging Deeper
Wed. 14-Oct-15 Test #1
(Lectures 1-12)

See example test on Blackboard Documents Fri 16-Oct-15
Proj. 6
(implement & test) No-penalty extension to Friday at 10 PM due to exam week.
Fri. 16-Oct-15 Recitation 7    
Mon. 19-Oct-15 14. CAN Protocol Required Reading (.pdf*)
Digging Deeper
Wed. 21-Oct-15 15. CAN Performance Required Reading (.pdf*)
Digging Deeper

Strongly Suggested Reading:
ISR Handouts (in class only)
Text Chapter 14
Thu 22-Oct-15
Proj. 7
(Basic run time monitor; Basic acceptance tests; Mid-Semester Project Hand-in; Worth 10 points of course grade!)
Fri. 23-Oct-15 Mid-Semester Break
No recitation; no TA meetings; no office hours
Recitation 8 Slides  
Mon. 26-Oct-15 16. End-To-End System Scheduling Required Reading (.pdf)
Text Chapter 14
Suggested RMA reading: Obenza if you are weak on RMA
Digging Deeper
Presentation slides due via e-mail Monday 26-Oct-15 at 5 PM; Presentation Slide Format:
(.ppt | .pdf )
Wed. 28-Oct-15 In-class mid-semester presentations: Groups 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12   Thu 29-Oct-15
Proj. 8
Fri. 30-Oct-15 Recitation 9
Mon. 2-Nov-15 In-class mid-semester presentations: Groups: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  
Wed. 4-Nov-15 17. Embedded Internet & Embedded Security Required Reading: Text Chapter 27
Digging Deeper
Thu 5-Nov-15
Proj. 9
Fri. 6-Nov-15 Recitation 10  
Mon. 9-Nov-15 18. Distributed Timekeeping Required Reading (.pdf*)
Digging Deeper
Wed. 11-Nov-15 19. Dependability/Reliability Required Reading: Text Chapter 26
Digging Deeper
Thu 12-Nov-15
Proj. 10
Fri. 13-Nov-15 Recitation 11    
Mon. 16-Nov-15 20. Critical Systems & Software Safety
**** CLASS STARTS AT 1:15 PM ***
(Optional: Bob Sullivan talk at CyLab 12-1)
Required Reading (.pdf*)
Text Chapter 28
Digging Deeper
Wed. 18-Nov-15 21. Critical Systems Engineering Required Reading: Text Chapters 29, 30
Digging Deeper
Thu 19-Nov-15
Proj. 11
Fri. 20-Nov-15 Recitation 12    
Mon. 23-Nov-15 22. Humans as a System Component Required Reading: Text Chapter 15
Digging Deeper
Thanksgiving Break Wed 25-Nov-2015 -- Fri 27-Nov-2015; no recitation; no office hours    
Mon. 30-Nov-15 23. FlexRay Protocol
24. Ethics & Societal Impact
23. Required Reading (.pdf*)
Digging Deeper
24. Required Reading (.pdf)
Digging Deeper
Study for Test #2!
Wed. 2-Dec-15 Test #2
(covers lectures 13-24)
See example test on Blackboard Documents Note: Project 12 due Monday 7 Dec., but you are welcome to turn it in early!
Fri. 4-Dec-15 Recitation 13 - Mock Demo   Final presentation slides due Sunday 6-Dec-15 at 5 PM
Presentation format: (.ppt | .pdf)
Mon. 7-Dec-15 In-class presentations: Groups 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1   Monday 7-Dec-15
Proj. 12
Wed. 9-Dec-15 In-class presentations: Groups 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7    
Fri. 11-Dec-15 MANDATORY: Normally scheduled TA Meetings
OPTIONAL: TA help session during recitation time
Mon. 14-Dec-15 (Final Exams Week; no class meetings)
All groups demo with a TA on or before today at 5 PM. Schedule a time with a TA. It is OK (and encouraged) to demo before this date with prior TA arrangement.
  See Blackboard for demo details.
Tue. 15-Dec-15 (Finals Week; No class meetings this week)   Tuesday 15-Dec-15
Proj. 13
(final testing)
Worth 10 points of course grade!