Behind the scenes, a panoply of hardware, software and protocols make Runway a reality.


In general, we want Runway to be easily retrofitted to any conventional treadmill, easy to set up and use, and be low power whilst remaining robust and durable. More importantly, it should also pose no phyiscal impediment or threat to the treadmill user.


The device shall:
  • Use the tilt sensor and accelerometer to measure incline of treadmill
  • Ingest raw vibration data from treadmill; and
  • Filter and smooth the data to get step count data from it
  • Send this data via Bluetooth to a smartphone application


The smartphone app shall:
  • Present the treadmill’s velocity, distance, calories and step count to the user.
  • Syncs activity data to Google Fit

Use Cases

Our product offers an inexpensive solution to upgrading a conventional treadmill into a smart, internet connected device. Whether you have a treadmill at home or you hit the gym regularly, just grab Project Runway and mount it on for a much better running experience! It stores your workout data such as speed, time, and incline for you to monitor conveniently from our mobile application.

Design & Architecture

System Interaction Diagrams