TEAM 4: Any Display
Spring 2014



Imagine wanting to display a collaborative document during a casual team meeting in a coffee shop but the laptop screen is too small. Fear not for AnyDisplay is perfect for this situation! The concept of our project is to project sideways from the intended target surface onto itself. By preprocessing the image, the distortion from angled projection will be counteracted. Our project integrates a web-app, a simple raspberry pi, and small, portable projectors in order to create a synchronous system that will allow users to display collaborative media in a way that breaks the traditional mold of projection.

We hope to be able to achieve a viable image using either one (figure 1) or two projectors (figure 2). In the case of two projectors, each projector will display half of the image. Assuming that both projectors are inline with one another, the resulting image will resemble the original image. Additionally, users will decide what will be projected through the use of a web application in order to forward images and video to the system.


Step into any meeting room and you're bound to find a projection system in place for individuals to make presentations. However, the issue with modern day projectors is that they require a lot of set up space in order to be effective, making it difficult to project in casual situations or spaces. Additionally, many projection systems are very bulky and require intricate cables or setup.



Hardware: Software: Protocols:



Highly Distorted Projection

Decrease the size of the projection and/or build a supporter between the wall and the projector that points the projector more to the wall, hence decreasing projection distortion.

Asynchronous Projection

Wireless transmission may be too slow to project video in real time

Attach a memory device on the raspberry pi, which we can store the media. Use the wireless transmission for simple functions such as play, stop, focus... etc.


To be completed.


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