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At the final end-of-semester demo day, each team will be required to display a poster that describes the project. The poster will consist largely of material that is already on each team's website and that has been continuously updated throughout the semester, at the various project milestones.

Here are the instructions for preparing your team's poster.

I strongly encourage you to use images, digital pictures, clipart, etc. where it emphasizes your creativity and shows off your system in its best light. This poster is a part of your legacy to this course and to the department as we will use the best posters to showcase what our students learn and do to visitors, to collaborators, etc.

Please feel free to improvise and improve upon the sample poster. You should not feel constrained by the colors, the background, the layout (landscape vs. portrait) and the style of the poster. The only constraint is the size of the poster. In the File > Page Setup menu of PowerPoint, please set "Slides sized for" to "Custom" and enter width=40in and height=32in for landscape-mode posters and width=32in and height=40in for portrait-mode posters.

We will provide easels for you to display the posters on the final demo day.