Introduction and Project Summary

In our experience as TAs and in our combined class on Fundamentals of Electromagnetics, we came to realize the importance of Experiments to explain Engineering concepts to students. Our goal is to make an Educational Booth for the Maxwell Equations, complemented with 2 key experiments that show the Ampere-Maxwell Law as well as Faraday’s Law. The booth would have a web application interface to allow for an interactive learning experience for the students, while they get to physically manipulate the experiment set-ups in front of them.

Circuit information (induced voltage, current, etc) will be sent to a hardware processor, which will relay the information to our web application, which will update in real time. Our web app will also track the highest induced electric field for the faraday experiment, and challenge users to see if they can beat the record, and how they match up to the average user (like a game).

The booth (or the Well) with the display (shaded) and the experiment staging area (in blue)