Introduction and Project Summary

Sending files over the internet, AirDrop, and other wireless means are inherently an unsafe way to transmit sensitive information.  Data can be sent to the wrong person, a man in the middle can listen in or modify the information, and any information broadcast over radio frequencies can be listened to by anyone nearby.  Our project sets out to create a better solution to transmitting classified and other sensitive data wirelessly and securely with lasers for use by undercover agents.  They need to be able to transmit potentially large files without detection.  This is frequently done with dead drops, but that leaves physical evidence.  Our project provides a solution for exfiltrating data without any physical contact, physical evidence, or detectable RF signature.  For this data to be intercepted, one would need to be physically in between the transmitting and receiving device.  We plan on creating a device capable of sending and receiving data with a laser link that will be connected to a laptop over USB.  In real-world applications, this device would be wired directly into devices such as phones and computers, but we cannot accomplish this with preexisting devices.  We will make a circuit board and accompanying software that receives data over USB and converts it to a custom protocol for transmission with lasers and also receives laser transmissions and converts them back into USB.  We will also create an interface on the laptop for sending and receiving files.  Our primary goal is to be able to send files at high speeds over short distances between two consumer devices.