Miya’s Status Report for 3/25

This week my main priority was getting the card designs finalized and formatted for printing. Having switched to using an Arduino Uno for interfacing with the printer, I used the printer library from Adafruit to begin printing out the cards.

There were issues with the Arduino Sketch exceeding the permitted size due to all the arrays (from all the image bitmaps), so I had to play around with card formatting and structure to avoid having to make and include 52 files for the Sketch. I made the bitmaps for the suits (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades) and face cards via drawing programs and bitmap/array converters.

Last night, I was able to print out all 52 cards, so that puts us back to schedule in terms of troubleshooting with the printer and ML training. For now, using the Arduino to print is our backup plan, but since our project primarily uses a Raspberry Pi, my next focus will be figuring out how to interface the Arduino with the Raspberry Pi (or just how to do it with the Raspberry Pi alone).


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