Team Status Report 04/30/2022

This week we spent our time on finishing up the testing of our device, finishing touches on the front end application, and cleaning up some of the issues with the smart contract. We have our final poster due tomorrow, and thus we spent and will be spending most our time on wrapping up the final poster. We are also getting started on the final paper and video that is due very soon. We are on schedule with our tasks.

David’s Status Report 04/30/2022

This week we had our final presentation, and thus I spent time on practicing and also preparing the slide deck for this presentation. Furthermore, we also have our final poster, video, demo, and paper due. I began making progress towards our final paper and splitting up the work that is ahead of us. The final paper will include changes from the feedback of our our initial proposal. Finally, we also did a bit more testing on our device to clean up the heart rate monitor problems that we were having. I am currently on schedule.

Austin’s Status Report for 4/30/22

This week I finished up the final presentation and also attended and provided feedback on the final presentations for other groups (6 hrs). I also put finishing touches on the hardware box. This involved braiding and crimping a long wire for the heart rate sensor. I devised a system for ensuring that pulling on the heart rate sensor wire wouldn’t pull the wire out of connections in the box. I did this by tying a knot in the wire and threading the wire through a nut so that if the wire was pulled this motion would be stopped when the knot met the bolt. I also added a battery to the box to make it portable and added a switch to exterior to turn the battery supply on and off. Holes were drilled into the exterior for the switch and heart rate sensor wires to come out of.

Plan for next week: Work on final report

Lev’s Status Report 04/30/22

This past week, I fixed up some bugs with the smart contract integration. I also helped out with the final presentation. Moreover, we worked to get the finished box together and integrated with the app. I also added more styling to the frontend. Moreover, I added better adjustibility to the demo so that we can run it more easily. This next week, I will continue finicking with some of the parameters as well as prepare for the final demo, final poster, final video, and final paper. We are currently on schedule.

David’s Status Report 04/23/2022

This past week I spent some time working on the front end application by cleaning up the display for users, such as truncating the number to a certain amount of decimal places, because one feedback we got from user testing was that the users typically would not need to know 10 decimal places accuracy of the movement acceleration. Furthermore, I worked with Austin figuring out what the layout for the physical device should be structured. Finally, I also worked on on the presentation for our final presentation and also rehearsing what to say and communicate during our final presentation.

Austin’s Status Report for 4/23/22

This week I finished working on the design of the housing and layout, and wiring of the belt clipped device and I drew a schematic of the wiring in my favorite drawing software (see Exhibit A) I purchased the arduino shield and connectors. I also finished building the belt clipped device (see Exhibit B). This was where the bulk of my time was spent this week.

I started out by cutting a square hole for the ardunio programming cable. This took a very long time as I had to measure exactly where to put the hole and cut it out using an x-acto knife. In the beginning, I had a very hard time crimping the wires correctly to place into the connector. After crimping the wires, connecting them to the breadboard and into the terminal blocks was pretty quick. I estimate this entire process took me around 6 hours.

Next week, I will finish the final presentation, start putting the final touches on the prototype, and start working on the final report.






Team Status Report 4/23/22

This past week we worked to get the project together to its final form. We finished up the physical box/ enclosure and the prototype. We also got the algorithm to work and made adjustments to the heart rate and acceleration sensitivities based off of our testing and false positive/ false negative rates. Moreover, we did other preliminary tests such as checking to ensure that our start/ stop delay times were within the 15 second bounds we set out to do. Finally, we ran into issues with our heart rate monitor where it gives inconsistent read outs. After experimentation and an attempt to implement with a Fourier Transform, we decided that we may need to attach the heart rate monitor to the ear as it gets its best signal there. Moreover, we can detect when the heartrate monitor gives an inconsistent readout and thus only take into account the heart rate monitor information when we get a consistent readout. This next week, we will put finishing touches on the frontend as well as try to adjust the heartrate monitor to the best of our abilities. Moreover, we will put together the final presentation folder.

Lev’s Status Report 04/23/22

This past week I spent some time testing out our algorithm and adjusting specific parameters. I found that we had to decrease the noise threshold for tripping the sound parameter. I also worked on trying to fix some of the issues presented by the heart rate sensor. The sensor gives an inconsistent readout, especially on the wrist. I tried to see if it was possible to improve the readout by using a Fast Fourier Transform on the signal from the HR monitor. Unfortunately, the signal itself is not reliable enough, as if the heart rate monitor momentarily is unable to pick up a pulse, then the Heart Rate given by the fourier transform is inaccurate. Moreover, I worked to fix up some bugs. The algorithm code had some problems where it did not fail if there were 2 criteria tripped. Also, I worked on helping to improve some of the frontend style.