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Introduction and Project Summary

Our project is to create a system that improves the hot pot experience by making sure that food is no longer over or under cooked.  Hot pot is an interactive meal where you and your friends sit around a pot of boiling broth and throw a variety of meat and vegetables in.

With the normal hot pot meal, the food is not monitored, and often just sits in the pot continuously cooking.  Our project will improve this by dividing the hot pot into sections, where each section takes a different kind of food.  When that food is finished cooking, that section will lift out of the pot, and users can enjoy a perfectly cooked piece of food.  Our design goals are to have a system that seamlessly fits into the hot pot, does not require arduous set up or take down, is easy to use and clean, and does not get in the way of what is meant to be a social meal with friends.  What is cool and unique about our project is that there isn’t anything like this on the market.  Our hot pot bot will revolutionize the way that people can enjoy hot pot, and decrease the stress that comes with worrying whether or not your food is over cooked or under cooked.