Aryan’s Status Report (05/08)

This week I primarily worked on the final poster for our deliverable on Monday. As well as this I storyboarded ideas for the final video and we feel comfortable now as to the structure of our video and are ready to record on Sunday/Monday.

As well as this I also worked extensively alongside Tom to finalize the logic for our stirring rod and began to implement the parts. We have one servo motor to lower the stirrer and one more to actually rotate the rod and stir the liquid. As well as this we also built an additional shelf to hold the dispensing tubes for the final drink.


We are all very excited to complete the project and can’t wait to publish the video and share it with everyone

Team Status Report 5/8

This week we worked on the iOS application interface, the construction of our enclosure, and connecting different subsystems within the structure. The application is now looking nice, with only a few minor changes left to be made which should not pose too large a problem. The construction of the enclosure is coming along nicely and will be completed very soon. Finally, the integration of the subsystems is going smoothly and is very exciting to watch come together.

In the coming days, we will be finalizing these three aforementioned components and will be doing vigorous testing to ensure the system works as intended. We will also be completing the deliverables that will need to be turned in.

Tyler’s Status Report 5/8

This week I focused mainly on enhancing our application and navigation through it. The drink ordering page was overhauled and now looks much cleaner, as well as a few other pages the user must visit to navigate to the drink ordering page. Additionally, I added a method that will allow us to read input from the DSD Tech HM-10 Bluetooth Module so users can check the liquid levels of the bottles in the system, this will be enabled once the drink ordering is perfected and useful.

Over the next couple days, I will focus on putting the final touches on our application and ensuring a smooth experience for the user. Additionally, I will help Tom finish the connections between different subsystems and work on the poster, video, and paper after this is completed.

Thomas’s Status Report 5/8

This past week, I made some significant progress on the Arduino program used to control our sliding platform and peristaltic pumps. I was able to successfully select a drink from our phone application, have the pumps dispense the proper amount of each liquid needed to create that drink, and finally move the drink on the platform to our mixing station. I also spent some time with Aryan installing more shelfs in our wooden enclosure to house our breadboard and ELEGOO Mega.  Additionally, I prepared and presented for our team during the final project presentations in class this week.

Over the next 2 days, I’m planning on installing our mixing subsystem in our wooden enclosure and making any final touches we may need on the hardware side of things for our video due Monday night. I’ll be further planning and filming our video, polishing up our poster and will be performing some final testing once our subsystems are finally all integrated together.

Aryan’s Status Report (05/01)

This week I worked with Tom to build the sliding platform outside of the enclosure as it is not required for the MVP presentation next week. We were able to code the program to run the stepper motor and now need to calibrate it to stop right under the dispenser to ensure 100% pouring accuracy.


I also worked independently on completing all the slides for the final presentation that we have to perform on Monday. We will be including videos and photos to show the professors and our class mates on how our progress and product perform.


Plans for the nect week including adding user data tracking and stats creation functionality within the iOS app which both me and Tyler will take lead on.

Aryan’s Status Report (04/25)

This week I worked with Tom to finish constructing the overall outer casing of the machine as well as the platform to hold the peristaltic pumps and servos and the breadboard and Bluetooth modules (Tom has attached photo).


As well as this I worked in the machine shop on campus to cut down the aluminum rods (used for the sliding platform) and also built the platform for the drinks (a platform that will hold the actual glass) and be used on the sliding platform.


This weekend was rough to meet as Tom and Tyler live together and another member of their house tested positive for Covid-19 hence we were unable to actually assemble the sliding platform however every individual part was measured and cut from the plywood and ready to install and assemble as soon as the quarantine period for Tyler and Tom is complete.