Team Status Report for 5/8/2021

This week we finished the final presentation and presented. We also finished integration and all components seem to work together correctly. In the next 2 days we will finish getting all the video clips for the final demo video and also set up the poster. We seem to be on schedule to finish within the Monday deadline.

Michael’s Status Report for 5/8/2021

This week we finished our presentation and also finished integration after that. I fixed the UART bug that was discussed in the presentation and have also gotten the metrics missing because of the bug. Lastly we will get clips for the video and edit the video in the following days.

Joseph’s Status Report for 05/07/2021

This week, our group met together to fix the communication with the FPGA. I fixed some minor bugs in the chessboard detection. Now we are good to go. We just need to finish the demo and the final paper. We are on schedule to finish the course. Next week, we are going to finish our final paper.

Team status report 5/1/2021

This week we spent a few days to integrate all the systems together. As we discussed with our TA and Prof, we swapped out the RPi due to the UI running very slowly on it. We have also completed some benchmarking of the correctness of the system as will be required to present this coming week. Some speed testing of the UART communication was also completed as well as the correctness of the FPGA module.

Overall, we need to still fix the UART communication as although some messages work, the entire system does not yet work. This is the main goal for the next week once we have presented.

Michaels Status Report for 5/1/2021

This week we all worked together to bring the entire project together. As the others have stated, we are a little behind on the FPGA integration as communication between the FPGA and PC is a little off due to the both platforms needing to read and write. I am currently debugging the pyserial modules which both the FPGA and Game UI utilize to communicate with one another.

Joseph’s Status Report for 05/01/2021

This week, Jee Woong and I worked together to fix the flipped board issue. I was also able to improve the accuracy of the detection of the chess pieces by tuning the parameters.

We are a little behind the schedule. We are not finished with the integration of FPGA.

Next week, we are going to finish integrating with the FPGA and be ready for the demo.

Jee Woong’s Status Report for 05/01/2021

This week, I focused on the integration of FPGA and UI and upgraded some of the UI. As you can see from the image below, I have created a light bulb button which can show recommendation of the moves if the user wants to see. When this button is pressed, the UI communicates with the FPGA and receives information about the move that should be recommended.

Furthermore, I updated the timer so that each player can have a timer that updates every turn. After I finished updating the UI, Joseph and I started testing the game to retrieve metrics. We had some minor issues with background subtraction, but we could solve the problem by tuning some parameters to detect chess pieces.

Next week, we will finish up showing move recommendations and detecting illegal moves on UI.

Team’s Status Report for 04/24/2021

This week, our team mainly focused on the integration of our overall system. We met together to integrate our entire system, and we tested the integration of laptop, UI, and FPGA. We have tested integration on both Mac OS and Windows to make sure our game supports both operating systems. The integration was successful, which allows communication between the laptop, UI, and FPGA. It is great news that the integration didn’t take a long time. So, for the following week, we will work more on integration and making the individual components better.

Team Status Report for 04/24/2021

This week, our team got together to integrate everything. We were able to integrate the UI with the computer vision, so we only need to integrate the FPGA with our system, to recommend moves. We are on our track in the gantt chart. Michael is mostly done with the stockfish code to connect it to the system. Joseph and Jee Woong worked together to fix any bugs that the system had and to show everything successfully on the UI.  Next week, we are planning to finish integrating everything and finalize our product. All the team members are on track with the gantt chart.