What is FarmFresh?

FarmFresh is an AI tool to sort fruits based on freshness and, most importantly, separate rotten fruit from fresh fruit. Each year, millions of dollars are wasted annually on the packaging and transporting of spoilt fruits. It is important to separate rotten fruits early in the food distribution process before more value is added and to prevent other fruits packed together with the rotten ones from spoiling. FarmFresh will accomplish this by sorting the freshness of bananas, tomatoes, and apples and separating rotten fruits in real-time.  

FarmFresh is a tool meant to be integrated into farms with conveyer belt systems and it aims to sort fruits as they come in. FarmFresh will collect images of the fruits, and use computer vision and AI to look at the distribution of pixels to classify the level of decay in the fruit, based on discoloration and other factors. The product will be portable and easily installable in an existing conveyer belt system infrastructure.