Introduction and Project Summary

COMOVO – Control, Motion, Voice

Carnegie Mellon ECE Capstone, Spring 2020

Team E5

Neeti Ganjur, Gauri Laxman, Shrutika Ruhela


Imagine a family dinner. Everyone is talking, no one is listening to each other, it’s a good time!  Now imagine you are studying on the other side of the world, and video calling into the family dinner.  On your side of the call it’s just you, trying to keep up with all of the conversations going on. On the other side, your dad was holding the phone up to your brother’s face, then started eating his pasta and put you down.  Now you’re staring at the fan on the ceiling in your dining room. Not your family’s faces. Sad. Here comes the video calling assistant! A platform in the middle of the table to hold up your phone or laptop. It has two modes, manual and automatic.  In manual mode you can motion in front of the sensors on the platform to make the platform on the other side rotate to mom or dad or little brother – even motion to zoom in on one of them. In automatic mode, mom is talking and everyone is (for once) listening to her – it rotates towards her and now you’re not staring at the ceiling.