Tito status report 04/25

  • added function withinIntersection which checks whether a vehicle is within the intersection to allow for detection of cars from different lanes
  • Ran tests under multiple scenarios to test robustness of the simulation/IDM
  • Experimented with different hyperparameters such as max number of cars passing the intersection

Kylee Status Report 4/25/20

  • Fixed bugs for demo
    • Projected vehicles from other track onto current track in order to prevent intersection collisions
    • Defined a max acceleration based on velocity difference and distance between current vehicle and next vehicle
  • Prepared results and analyzed in Excel
  • Made slides for final presentation
  • Added test cases for more extensive results
  • Wrote simulation testing program that removed graphics so tests could run much faster
    • Internal program time was decoupled from system time

Team Status Report 4/25/20

  • Fixed intersection collision bug
    • Added a check if vehicle is within intersection
  • Added safe following car model in cooperative mode
    • Fixed bug with max acceleration in car following model
  • Updated buffer distance in non-cooperative mode
  • Added time feature for separate behavior for simulation and test cases
  • Made test case results for demo
    • Worked on how to present demo
  • Worked on final presentation

Serris Status Report 4/25/20

  • Continue to improve and build our test cases
  • Added timing feature for result testing
    • For the video/simulation, system time would be used to determine speed
    • For test results, a timer counter is used (independent of system time), thus each update is 0.015 seconds
  • Made test results to show for demo
    • Worked on how to present demo
  • Worked on making final presentation

Tito status report – 4/18/20

  • Tuned weight parameters to boost priority for vehicles closer to the intersection.
  • V2V Communication
    • Added functionality for a vehicle to communicate its presence to the preceding vehicle after reaching a certain threshold distance to the intersection.
    • Implemented information relay so vehicles can pass on information to the foremost vehicle in a lane.
    • Incorporated communication latency into v2v communication

Team Status Report 4/18/20

  • Updated timer to be consistent with global python time function
  • Updated path planning code in cooperative case to incorporate chains
    • Minimize following distance in the cooperative case
  • Included other statistics in output file (i.e. average velocity, acceleration, deceleration, waiting time, etc)
  • Worked on merge functionality for 2 lane track before focusing objective towards optimizing figure-8 track (no longer doing the 2 lane though)
  • Change the weighting in the path planning algorithm
  • Run test cases to collect results for each case
  • Fix bug for vehicles in both tracks in the intersection

Kylee Status Report 4/18/20

  • Fix bug in car following chain model
  • Fix bug for vehicles in both tracks in the intersection
  • Refine testing code for final demo
    • start/stop, display detection radius in testing mode, etc.
  • Determine what measurements would be good to display/record
  • Run tests to get results and compare measurements
  • Experiment with different sized cars