Project Concept

Have you ever been at an event or cocktail hour hungry for some delicious appetizers yet engaged in a conversation without any opportunity for escape? Have you found yourself wishing the food might just come right to you? Well our project will leave your mingle time undisturbed and your stomach satisfied! Our project is to design and build a robot that can autonomously navigate a room to serve appetizers to guests. The domain of function is an open room without furniture but full of people, who may be moving around themselves. The robot must move at a rate of 2 mph. It should detect people and walls within about 5 feet, and it should respond to sensor input within a matter of seconds. It should be able to stop within 1 foot of walls and people. It shall detect when it has run out of food. It will also have a remote to stop any movement from across the room/about 10 feet away. Also, it must have an emergency stop button on it. Finally, it should be stable enough that food carried on its tray will not roll off upon stopping.