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Final Report

Acknowledgements We would like to thank Prof. Marios Savvides and Prof. Bill Nace for their guidance and technical support. We would also like to thank all the TAs, Nikhil Mohan, Aayush Bhutani and Ananya Chandra for Read more…

Weekly Report 8

Team Report By designing the holder for all the sensors and computing system in the suitcase, we intend to use 3D printing to customize the holder for the Jetson board. For the driven wheel, we Read more…

Weekly Report 7

Weekly Report 7 This week, we started our formal integration. We have purchased the driver for the motor and the frame for the motor. These can be easily assembled based on the instruction. We will Read more…

Weekly Report 6

Team Report This week, we worked on the integration plan. Previously we believe the integration is one of our last parts. We want to have our software ready and then we could implement them with Read more…

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