Week 11 Status Report – Mark McKinzie

This week I finalized the poker chip design as well as finalizing the shuffler and dealer module designs. I also worked with Chris to laser cut the player areas covers.

This coming week I will work on the final report as well as presenting our project at the final demo.

Week 11 Status Report – Chris Reed

This week I laser cut our play-area enclosures, set up and hot glued the shufflers into place, and wired together all of the components on our final breadboards for our second play area, community card area, and cleaned up the first play area’s breadboard.¬†We also ran tests on our system as a whole now that it has all come together.

Our schedule is on track, and we are preparing for our final demo in Wiegand Monday morning.

Week 10 Status Report – Eric

Work Update

Last week I worked on creating elements for the web frontend. I also finalized the websocket communication between the frontend and the server that pushes out game updates. Finally, I worked on finishing the communication between the play areas and the central computer using gRPC.

Schedule Update

I believe I’m still on track for my tasks. Next week I will work to finish everything and prepare for our demo.

Week 10 Status Report – Team

There have been no design changes and schedule changes this week. Our biggest risk is getting every part of the project working together as one unit. We know all of our individual parts work well, but putting it together cleanly in a nice looking way may be a bit difficult with budget restraints.

This week will be focused on finishing up our presentation and poster, and then putting the finishing touches on our project before our final demo.

Week 10 Status Report – Mark McKinzie

This week I constructed the last set of poker chips with the embedded resistors and copper tape contacts. Additionally I worked with Chris to construct the dealer module to show during the demo. The shuffler module currently works with quarter decks on each side, however we ordered high torque motors so we can shuffle with a half deck on each side.

This coming week I will work on building enclosures for each of the player areas as well as one for the community area. In addition I will construct the shuffler module completely and attach it to the dealer, as well as perfecting the design for the custom designed chips.

Week 10 Status Report – Chris Reed

I spent the first half of this week preparing our card dealer for our in-lab demo. After a lot of prototyping and testing of different orientations of the wheel and dealing tray, I found a reliable positioning to deal out one card at a time. I worked on hot gluing all of the separate 3D printed parts I made together and coordinating with Eric to get the timing on how long to run the server motor to deal out one card and reset the positioning of the deck.

The second half of the week was spent focusing on getting our final presentation slides and poster done with the rest of the team.

Our schedule is on track, and Mark and I be making the permanent fixture for the card shuffler and play areas this week to bring the project all together.