Tanushree Status Report 5/4

This week our team spent all our time implementing our new GUI. This new implementation was tested repeatedly to fix all remaining bugs and issues. Through testing we realized that each sensor had a different threshold. Thus, we decided to threshold on each individual sensor for accurate tap detection.

Future tasks: test our system with the new projector, make the demo video, create an elevator pitch and writing the final paper.

Suann status report 5/4/19

I finished illustrating the GUI and worked with the rest of my teammates to finish updating and debugging the GUI. As a group we also tested out a projector from the library since it is brighter and provides a better user experience. The brighter projection did not affect our system much so we will not need to retrain data thankfully.

Going forward I will work on the final report, an elevator pitch and a video showing how our project works.

Team Status Report 5/4

We have no significant risks other than unpredictable bugs or extraneous events that occur before our demo.

No changes were made to our existing design.

Isha Status Report 5/4

This week we finished our poster board. We also finished our new gui design. We spent most of the week debugging the new interface and repeatedly testing our system.

When testing our system in the gym, Suann and I found that the projected gui was difficult to see due to the very bright ambient lighting. We borrowed a projector from the library. This projector works much better in daylight so we decided to use that for our final demo.

There were some issues with one of our piezo sensors. We were reading a very high value from one particular sensor, which led to several false positives detected from our tap detection subsystem. We were able to bypass this issue by creating separate thresholds for each sensor. Now, the first four seconds on startup of the system are used to determine the average value read by each sensor when the system is at rest. This value is used to determine the threshold value for identifying a tap.

We also worked on our final paper this week.

Next Steps:
Finish the final paper.

We are on schedule.

Suann status 4/27/19

I collected metrics with my teammates this week and also wrote some of the presentation slides. I also worked on gui storyboarding and illustrated most of the pictures that we will use in our new gui.

My goal for the next week is to finish up gui art and help code some of the gui if needed.

Team Status 4/27

The one risk we might face is if our tap detection circuit breaks, we only have one spare sensor left. We hope to avoid this by making sure not to disturb it now that our set up is finalized.

We redesigned the GUI to make it more visually appealing and engaging. Further, we added more sensors to the circuit, mentioned above, to improve our tap detection accuracy over a greater surface area of the poster.


Isha Status Report 4/27

Tanu and I soldered four more piezo sensor circuits so that we could reduce the number of taps that were detected as false negatives. This was necessary since we found through testing that our accuracy rate is better when tapping the poster close to the piezo sensors. We are able to achieve 100% accuracy with the new sensor configuration.

We also brainstormed new ideas to make our gui more intuitive and engaging. We then outlined a story board that Suann can use for reference when drawing our final gui designs.

We took data with our working system and compiled our four metrics cohesively. We then worked on the slides for our final presentation.

Next Steps:
We will finish polishing our improved gui, implementing our new design, and complete our poster for the final demo.

We are on schedule.

Tanushree Status 4/27

The following tasks were accomplished this week:

1. Isha and I soldered four more sensors to the tap detection circuit. This pushed our accuracy rate to 100%.

2. Our team also brainstormed ideas to improve our UI and improve our UX.

2. Our team also gathered numbers to validate our metrics.

3. We prepared the presentation slides for the final presentation this week.

4. I will be presenting this time, so I have been practicing for that as well.

Our goal for next week is to make all the final changes to GUI and freeze our final product that we will be demoing next week. We are all on schedule.

Suann Status Report 4/20/19

I discovered that the tap detection was not sensitive enough while working with my teammates, and assisted with debugging the current system.

My goal for the upcoming week is to add another sensor to the tap circuit for better tap sensitivity. I will also help design the UI to make it more user friendly and colorful.

Team Status Report 4/20

What are the most significant risks that could jeopardize the success of the project? How are these risks being managed? What contingency plans are ready?

We need to improve our tap response rate. We will manage this by soldering more piezo sensors to cover a larger surface area of the poster board.

Were any changes made to the existing design of the system (requirements, block diagram, system spec, etc)? Why was this change necessary, what costs does the change incur, and how will these costs be mitigated going forward?

No system changes were made.

Provide an updated schedule if changes have occurred.

No schedule changes were made.