Introduction and Project Summary

More often than not, meetings default to one or a few members who present ideas to their teammates and coworkers. While others are able to present their ideas and discuss the problem at hand, it is challenging for them to directly contribute to the development process. Technology has attempted to solve these problems of collaboration, communication, and record-keeping in group meetings, but it is still a very unsolved issue.

To solve this problem, we will be building a smart table. The smart table will have a large screen with widgets such as Notes, Google Slides, Google Docs, and others. Additionally, users will be able to connect their devices (laptops, tablets, phones, etc), and see the display as a window on the table’s screen. Users will be able to interact with all of these tools through the use of hand-gestures. The user will also be able to take notes on a touchscreen, which will use OCR to infer and display the text on the table screen.