Weekly Status Report

Name : Akshat Jain

This week we received most of the hardware components so we started work on setting up each one of them. I set up the LIDAR and connected it to the Raspberry Pi with a serial cable. I was then able receive point cloud data from it. One issue we had was that the point cloud data from the LIDAR did not give one point per degree which it claimed to give originally. We are currently trying to find a fix to this problem.

This week we finally received the iRobot Create 2 as well. I set up the libraries on the Raspberry Pi as well as the lab computer for robot control. We can now give commands to the robot to move with a specific speed and turn specific angles.

I also helped Wenxin set up the Thermal camera and set up libraries for it on the Raspberry Pi. We were able to receive an 8×8 grid of temperature values which would successfully give us a higher reading when we put our hand in front of it.

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