Project Summary

Whether it’s for future reminiscing or mere documentation, organizers and attendees alike enjoy having photos to memorialize social gatherings and events. However, hiring a photographer often means dealing with his or her availability, negotiating the rate, and sometimes even delays in receiving the photos. For student-held events with limited budget, it can be hard to find volunteers and the students often wish to participate in the events instead of having the task of capturing photos. Our project aims to offer a solution in situations like these. Our autonomous robot, Camerazzi, is a consistent and unbiased cameraman that is always available and reliable. It also provides instant access to your event’s photos, comes at only a one-time-cost, and strives to be less intrusive and intimidating than a human cameraman.

Our project spans the software and hardware areas. Camerazzi uses 3 Arduinos and 1 Raspberry Pi to communicate with 12 IR proximity sensors, a thermal camera sensor, a stepper motor, an LCD screen, and the iRobot Roomba base. Find more details on the Final Report page!

Camerazzi - CMU ECE Senior Design Capstone Project 2019