Introduction and Project Summary

Carnegie Mellon ECE Capstone, Spring 2019

Team AA

Stan Zhang (szz), Zach Pomper (zbp), Cameron Mackintosh (cmackint)

Every year, Carnegie Mellon University’s chapter of the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE), Carnegie Mellon Racing (CMR), builds an electric racecar to compete during the FSAE Summer Season. In redesigning this year’s racecar, the team has decided to redesign our existing telemetry system. This means that we (Stan, Zach, and Cameron) will be spending the S19 semester designing, manufacturing, programming, and testing a new telemetry solution: A TOM (telemetry operations module) will sport both a 900MHz 802. 15.4 and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio module, which will enable communication between an on-board STM32 microcontroller and a base station laptop (ground control). This will necessitate writing a sizeable body of firmware and software to implement things like transcoding, the base station user application, and communications drivers, as well as the physical design, manufacturing, and testing of the hardware layer. Check back in here for progress updates and, by May, the status of our project after submission!