Jens’ May 4 Status Report

Jens’ May 4 Status Report


For this week I worked on helping with the final polish and integration of the system which included mostly soldering the filters onto protoboards and testing to make sure that they retained their functionality.  The hope was that this more secure system would cut down on noise we heard when wires on the breadboard were touched and wiggled around.  This will hopefully be the last step in getting the project all prepared and ready for presentation at the final demo.  Moving forward to next week there is still the final changes to the paper that need to be made for the final paper and my part is rewriting the technical details of my polyphony process as it has changed from the design review to support the ADSR feature.  Also we need to film the demo version for the video.


At this point the schedule is what it is.  Work has been done and there are a few tasks left and one day left to do them so anything not currently ready will be finished tomorrow.

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