Introduction to Project Summary

In many classroom scenarios, especially an auditorium setting, the board is usually large, so instructors usually face the difficulty of determining which section of the board should be erased based on factors like the number of students still taking notes on that section of the board. In a large auditorium, it always costs instructors efforts to erase large boards, and instructors might face the problem of breathing in chalk dust. In addition to the observation of our primary stakeholders, it is also a problem for our other stakeholders, students in the classroom, if the content on the board is erased too quickly. Therefore, we plan to design an automatic board website that communicates with tools on the board to automatically erase when indicated by the instructors, and also provides them the option to allow students to mark whether they are “still taking notes” of the section on the board. Our design has two major functions: the first one is erasing a certain section of the board based on instructors’ commands, and the second one is uploading a captured picture of the current board to the web application for students to take notes. The project would involve the use of a web application, and a hardware set of microcontrollers, a camera, an eraser, motors, and slider rails.