Emily’s Status Report for 9/18/21

This week, I focused on researching for the project proposal slides. Starting with component research, I looked into what brightness of LED we should use for the cyclist indicators and the rear lights by looking into brightness standards for displays and car tail lights respectively. Then, I used our usage requirements and the current draw from the LIDAR, STM32F4, and the LEDs to estimate our power needs. I also assembled the GANTT chart from the information that Jason and Albany provided and made the system diagram chart.

Jason’s Update 9/18/21

This week I focused mainly on the selection of the processor and discussing with the team about slides. For the processor, I looked at the catalog of STM32 processors, discussed with my teammates about power and processing requirements, and decided to use the STM32F4 as a safe solution. For the slides, I focused mainly on the software and hardware testing, and worked with the team to refine the overall presentation.

Albany’s Status Report 18 SEP 2021

This week I worked primarily on creating the slides for the project proposal and preforming some hand calculations for new requirements and component selection. For the slides I focused on integrating our requirements throughout the rest of the presentation and fleshing out the section on our choice to use LIDAR and the needs to be met by the sensor in particular. This included some calculations about necessary range and angular resolution. Earlier in the week I also researched and compared two different rotating LIDARs from which the Slamtec RPLIDAR A1M8 was chosen due to better documentation and support as well as eye safety specifications. I also made some website modifications adding our current logo and a unique header picture.