The MiGroBox is an automated countertop grow chamber specialized for cultivating microgreens – essentially a 3D printer for greens. This device will actively monitor and control its internal temperature and humidity while automatically seeding, watering, and lighting microgreens in a 10″ x 20″ grow tray.

Microgreens have taken the culinary, health, and agriculture worlds by storm as a wildly healthy and fast-growing food crop. Microgreens are safer, cleaner alternatives to seed sprouts but are much more complicated and laborious to grow manually. The MiGroBox team aims to change that.

The MiGroBox will feature a 2-axis CNC, a large seed storage hopper, a seed distributor, a water system capable of washing, soaking, and watering seeds, large full spectrum grow lights, and fans to provide ample air circulation. The device will be internet enabled and connect to a custom website interface through WIFI.

The MiGroBox: a miniature greenhouse that takes all the guesswork out of raising microgreens.