About Our Project

Welcome to Thermonitor!

We are aiming to create a smart, contactless, standalone thermometer which will scan faces and display their temperature onto a screen. It will be able to detect if the user is wearing their facial mask correctly and inform the user if they are not. In addition, we will be storing all temperature data, mapped to a user, for up to 2 weeks that will be accessible on an external platform for the admin of the thermometer to analyze. This is to help potential need for contact tracing for COVID-19 inside our communities. Our device will be marketed towards universities and conferences, where there are a high density of people and users already have a preregistered RFID ID card. To use this product, the user will first scan their RFID tag, and then stand in front of the sensor to get their temperature measured and their mask wearing analyzed. The RFID tag serves as an identifier in our database, so that temperature logs can be mapped to the person measured. This data will be sent to our external platform, and be available for the thermometer admin to access.



Right now, current thermometers in the market are either handheld or standalone kiosks. Handheld thermometers can only detect the temperature from a distance of up to 10cm (3.9 inches). This does not conform to the 6 feet mandated social distancing protocols put into place, and puts people at risk of infection. The standalone kiosks do prevent the risk since they do not require human operation, but the models on the market are all above $2000, ranging to up to $7000. This is not affordable for people to purchase — even universities cannot afford that for every place that is high traffic.

Our product aims to combine both affordability and safety. We will make the kiosk at under $600, which is significantly less than the current market ones. In addition, our product will be safe and will require no human operation of the machine in order to ensure safety for all.