18-749: Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems
Spring 2006

Prof. Priya Narasimhan


Projects from Spring 2004

Team # Members Project Website
Meeting Time
Project Description
1 Kwang Chun Lee
Jung Hee Jo
Younbok Lee
So Young Kim
Junsuk Oh
Team 1 Website
Thursdays, 7.15pm
System allowing users to search for movie tickets, available seats, and to reserve tickets.
2 Myung-Joo Ko
Vamshi Ambati
Cindy Jen
Ryan Frenz
Team 2 Website
Wednesdays, 5pm
Sales inventory tracking, selling and purchasing system where employees can process sales orders, place orders, check/update inventory status, in real-time.
3 Andrew Boyer
Gary Ackley
Charles Fry
Philippe Michel Wilson
Team 3 Website
Mondays, 5pm
System that assists a high-volume mail server by validating received mail against a database of spam, rejecting mail that is found to be in violation.
4 Daehyun Jung
JungJin Suh
Inhong Kim
Hyungiel Park
Huiyeong Choi
Team 4 Website
Wednesdays, 5.30pm
Human resource management system for head-hunting agencies.
5 Lawrence Bubba Beasley
Alex Berendeyev
Kai Liao
Jack Yao
Team 5 Website
Tuesdays, 7.15pm
Online, distributed version of the game "Bingo".
6 Jaime Oviedo
Junjie Lu
Heng Chen
Shahyan Currimboy
Ming Zhao
Team 6 Website
Mondays, 6pm
GPS-based navigation system that allows user to obtain directions to his/her destination.
7 Arunesh Gupta
Dhananjay Khaitan
Saurabh Sharma
Arseniy Khobotkov
Team 7 Website
Mondays, 5.30pm
Financial stock trading system that allows clients to register an account, receive constantly updated stock-prices, buy/sell stocks.
8 Minori "Micha" Ikeda
Denise Varga
Hisashi Yoshida
Ahmed Badran
Parhaum Toofanian
Team 8 Website
Mondays, 4.30pm
Web-based system which allows the public to purchase movie tickets for a particular theater over the internet.
9 Agustinus Tegawinata
Cheng Zhang
Dungjit Shiowattana
Neel Mullick
Willy Cheung
Team 9 Website
Mondays, 7pm
Allows users to search for, and bid on, saleable items.
10 Carl Farber
Stephen Haberman
Patrick Milholland
Nicholas Sherman
Tony Tseng
Team 10 Website
Tuesdays, 6.45pm
Web-based voting using the IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) algorithm, ensuring results that are more representative of the entire population than the more common majority-wins algorithm.
11 Hyochin Kim
JaePyoung Kim
HeeRan Youn
SungHwan Choi
HyungJin Joo
Team 11 Website
Wednesdays, 4.30pm
Online messenger which enables users to have a chat with more reliability than other commercial messenger programs.