18-746 Storage Systems (Fall 2020)


Storage systems are among the most fascinating and the most important parts of computer systems. They often dominate the performance of a system, and failures of other components are frequently addressed by restarting from the data stored on them. Indeed, storage systems hold the crown jewels of most organizations: their information (from source code to Microsoft's software to the sales databases of every e-commerce site to the logs and indices driving the Big Data revolution). There continues to be great demand for bright people and better solutions in this critical field of computer systems.

This course covers the design, implementation, and use of storage systems, from the characteristics and operation of individual storage devices to the OS, database, and networking approaches involved in tying them together and making them useful in servers and large-scale distributed systems. Along the way, we will examine several case studies of real systems, demands placed on storage systems by important applications, and impacts of trends and emerging technologies on future storage systems.

Although the word "Advanced" is no longer part of the title for this class, due to an unfortunate acronym, the class will continue to have the same advanced level of content, projects, and high-level expectations.

This class is supported in part by a AWS in Education Grant award.

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Books and readings

There will be no assigned book for this offering. Instead, the instructors will rely on readings from books and the research literature to complement the lectures. See the Schedule & Readings pages for an overview of the latest plan.

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Picture of Greg Greg Ganger CIC 2208 (412) 268-1297
Picture of George George Amvrosiadis CIC 2311 (412) 268-7814

Teaching Assistants

NameHours (Timezone is EST)Location
Picture of Ke Ke Ding Fri 12pm-2pm Zoom + OHQ
Picture of Thomas Thomas Kim Mon 12pm-1pm; Thu 6.30pm-7.30pm Zoom + OHQ
Picture of Brian Brian Schwedock Tue 2pm-4pm Zoom + OHQ
Picture of Hao Hao Wang Tue 11.20am-12.20pm; Wed 7pm-8pm Zoom + OHQ
Picture of Tong Tong Xiao Tue 5pm-7pm Zoom + OHQ
Picture of Sheng Sheng Xu Mon 7pm-8pm; Fri 6.30pm-7.30pm Zoom + OHQ
Picture of Xiaoqiao Xiaoqiao Xu Wed 12.30pm-2.30pm Zoom + OHQ
Picture of Jason Jason Yang Thu 11am-1pm Zoom + OHQ

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