What we are trying to achieve


  • Board state detection - automatically identify resource locations and numbers
  • Ownership detection - automatically identify the location of settlements and cities, which players own them, and which resources they are on
  • Dice detection - determine what number was rolled on the dice for each turn and determine when a rolled dice event occurs
  • Resource calculation - the system should understand the Catan game rules to translate dice rolls into resource allocation accordingly
  • Mechanical dealing - mechanically deal out the correct type and number of resource cards to each player.


  • Timing - cards should be dealt in a timely fashion so that the players do not get frustrated; timing of card dealing should be in line with normal gameplay or better
  • Reliability - the card dealer should to be reliable enough to last the entire 60+ minute game (and hopefully multiple games)
  • Accuracy - the card dealer should accurately deal out resource cards or else it ruins the integrity of the game
  • Useability - the physical system should not be obstructive to gameplay