Design Specifications

How it's done


The following image represents the architecture of our system:

Use Cases

Ideal Use Cases:
  • Initial Setup:
    1. The system recognizes the board resources and the numbers on each resource.
  • Gameplay:
    1. The user rolls the dice.
    2. The system recognizes the dice roll.
    3. The system recognizes all the pieces on the board.
    4. The system deals out the correct number of cards to each player.
    5. The player buys new roads, settlements, or cities and places them on the board.
    6. The next player starts at step 1.
Error Use Cases:
  • The card dealer could deal out the wrong number of resources.
  • The card dealer could deal resources to the wrong player.
  • The board detector could mis-recognize the board, causing the wrong resources to be dealt.
  • The dice detector could misrecognize the dice roll, causing the wrong resources to be dealt.

User Interaction Diagram

The following images depict how we expect a user to interact with our system, and how our system responds to these interactions: