TEAM 8: Rapid Ocular Sideline Concussion Diagnostics
Spring 2014

Team Members

Project Concept and Motivation

Concussions are a major concern in modern sports. Our goal is to provide tools to trainers that will help to automate existing diagnostic processes and to expedite existing tests to more quickly diagnosis multiple players. Our project focuses specifically on ocular nerve testing; that is, the device we are working on is a head-mounted eye-set that administers various tests to the patient, recording and processing pupil and eye responses to produce a concussion diagnosis. Results and diagnosis suggestions will be integrated wirelessly with an application running on a trainer's Android tablet.

Competitive Analysis

Most of the existing products are simply accelerometers mounted to or in common sports equipment or the players themselves. These devices are useful for observing severe impacts, but they do not provide any diagnosis of possible condition. Ideally, our product would be used in conjunction with one of these devices, another similar device, or traditional observations in order to pull a player to the sideline for testing and diagnosiswith the eye-set.

Links to further information on existing products:

Technical Specifications

Hardware: Software and Protocols:

Simple architecture diagram from Presentation 2:

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Simple use case flow from Presentation 2:


Risks and Mitigation Strategies

Time Lapse


Presentation 1 - Project Proposal

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Presentation 2 - Design and Architecture

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Mid-Semester Demo

Testing in the lab:

Prototype 1.0, as presented at the Mid-Semester Demo:

Presentation 3 - Testing Plan

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Final Demo Poster

Testing the second prototype in the lab:

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