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Patrick Jang

Patrick is a senior ECE major from New York.

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Seung Woo Roh

Seung Woo, or Chris, is a senior ECE major from New Jersey.

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Brody Anderson

Brody is a senior ECE major from Georgia.

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Euen Fan

Euen is a senior ECE major from Taiwan.

SmartPark is a portable system that will assist you in parallel parking by giving you complete instructions on when to turn, as well as check your blindspots while you are in motion.

SmartPark accomplishes this by utilizing 6 ultrasonic sensors that is placed around your car and computing this proximity data to assist you in parallel parking.

Currently, the only parking assist products out there are way too expensive and require professional installation, and none of them offer complete step by step instructions on how to parallel park.

SmartPark is designed specifically to be a cost-effective system with hassle-free installation, that not only assists but teaches you how to park.

Steelmate Pts400Q1

  • This product provides an LED display that shows you the proximity of nearby objects behind you
  • SmartPark provides this information as well as offers you step by step instructions on how to park.

Striker Parking Assist

  • An updated form of the Steelmate, the Striker Parking Assist also shows you the proximity of nearby objects.
  • Again, our product offers step by step instructions but will also cost less than $300.

BMW Built-in Parking Assist

  • BMW's Parking Assist system provides state of the art parking assist to any modern BMW car.
  • This Parking Assist requires professional installation and costs about $1000.


Hardware Components

  • 2 Arduino Bluetooth
  • 2 Arduino Battery Power Adapter
  • 6 Ultrasonic sensors with range 10cm - 3m
  • 6 Velcro strips
  • LCD display
  • Speaker or Buzzer
  • Switch
  • Toy car for testing

  • Functional
    • Proximity sensors will trigger changes in display in real time as objects become closer
    • When the driver turns on parallel parking assist, the display and speakers will assist him/her in parking
    • The system will turn off when the car turns off
  • Nonfunctional
    • Provides response to the driver in less than one second
    • Sensors shall work independently from each other
    • Failure to receive and transmit message shall result in the system still being functional
    • Whole system shall be portable

Risk Mitigation
Testing product on real car Test with toy car
Liability Write a disclaimer
Sensor Calibration Choose sensors carefully
Precise Installation Required Provide detailed installation instructions
  • Plan A: Complete all goals - including sleep detection, parallel parking assist, blind spot detection, and proximity detection
  • Plan B: Complete all goals except for sleep detection
  • Plan C: Have proximity detection and basic parallel parking assist

Coming soon!