Team 5: GamePod
Spring 2014


Sairam Krishnan | sbkrishn
Deeptaanshu Kumar | deeptaan
Connie Yao | cyao
Kathy Yu | kyu1

Project Concept

This project will make the popular 2048 game more interactive by adding in hand motions to move the tiles and will allow users to incorporate excercise. This prototype integrates a Xtion Pro, Raspberry Pi Model B,projector, and projector screen so the player can have an immersive experience with the game.


The 2048 game is extremely popular and already has a huge following. However, it can only be played via a keyboard with arrow keys or swiping motions on a mobile device, which hinders the exciting game play. By replacing mundane arrow key pressing with interactive hand gestures, users will get more of a kick out of the game and more physical freedom to express themselves.

Competitive Analysis

Fruit Ninja
Just Dance
Wii Fit

Technical Specifications

Asus Xtio Pro
Projector Screen
Epson V11H584220 PowerLite Home Cinema 500 Silver Edition SVGA 2600 Lumens HDMI Projector
Raspberry Pi Model B
Software: Protocols:


Risks & Mitigation Strategies

Risks Strategies
Environment may be too crowded for proper motion recognition. User stands in specific spot for the Xtion Pro.
Some users, like senior citizens, have restricted level of motion. Option to have Accelerated Mode where motions are much more sensitive.
Some users may be too short for the Xtion Pro to properly detect. Assume average adult height and calibrate as needed.
Test Case 1 Test Case 2
  • Requirement
    • Timing & Reproducibility
  • Use Case
    • Differentiating a dominant hand from other objects on screen
    • How fast is the hand recognized
  • Metric
    • Specificity & Sensitivity
    • Time taken for hand recognition
  • Test Sequence
    • Place hand in front of Xtion Pro
    • Box appears roughly around hand on screen
    • Move hand off camera
    • Repeat with varying people, distances, and orientations
  • Known Problems
    • Currently box is drawing around largest object on screen
    • If person is too close, the Xtion Pro throws errors
  • Requirement
    • Reliability & Timing
  • Use Case
    • Screen is responsive to user movement
    • Regression testing
  • Metric
    • Specificity & Sensitivity
  • Test Sequence
    • 1) Place hand in front of Xtion Pro
    • 2) Move left, right, up, and down
    • 3) Repeat with varying people, speed and direction sequence of hand movement
  • Known Problems
    • Xtion Pro is too sensitive. May need to add a threshold to reduce it to not catch extraneous movement.

Initial results

Time Lapse

Our first work session together for our midsemester demo

Presentation & Videos

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