Clever closet

Let your closet tell you what to wear


Historically, picking the right clothes for the occasion have been a problem. The Clever Closet integrates with the personal calendar and the weather and highlights suggestions for the consumer..


The Clever Closet eliminates the daily confusion of “what should I wear today?”. It manages the consumer’s wardrobe by integrating with the daily clothing needs of the consumer (based on calendar, weather, etc.) and suggesting clothes appropriate for the occasion using a cloud database and hardware and LEDs near the hangers.


Allows user to enter and scan RFID information
Maps clothes to hangers
Checks the current weather and synchronizes with the users calendar
Lights up LED’s on the hanger rod to suggest what clothes the user should wear
Provides a response within three seconds of the user opening the closet
Continues to provide service even if there are no clothes on some of the hangers
The closet will learn the users preferences based on previous suggestions.

Technical Specifications


  • RFID Tag – 125 kHz
  • RFID USB Reader
  • RFID Reader ID-20 (125kHz)
  • Multicolor LED’s
  • Arduino Uno SMD
  • GainSpan Wi-Fi Breakout
  • Force Sensitive Resistor - Square
  • USB Host Shield
  • Analog/Digital MUX Breakout


  • Database (MySQL)
  • Linux Server
  • Clothing recommendation system (Python)
  • Proprietary communication protocol


Easy Closets

Easy Closets provides an easy-to-organize closet system. However, it is quite expensive, priced at close to $1500. It also does not offer software to aid the user in choosing clothing for the day

What to Wear?

What to Wear? provides software that allows the user to upload photos and data of their clothing, and then analyzes the data to provide a suggestion of what to wear. It does not provide any hardware for storing the clothing, however.

Snappy Dresser

Snappy Dresser provides both storage and software for analyzing the user's clothing preferences. However, it is only a concept idea, and it has yet to be implemented.

Risks + Mitigations

Risk Mitigation
User Effort Provide an easy-to-use, online UI
Insufficient user preference information Provide a pre-configured training set (demographic profiles)
Ambiguous Calendar Entries Cross-reference with the internet
Slow response time Do on-server computation
Issues with RFID reader Thorough field testing