Skyeye is a...

  • free-floating
  • camera-assisted
  • autonomous

Guide that is capable of...

  • inputing your desired destinations
  • navigating in all three dimensions
  • finding your way across a cluttered room

Our Competitors are...

tracking flying guiding mobility noise level battery life
WowWee Rovio over smooth surfaces moderate two hours
QuickCam Orbit fixed location none plug-in power
Parrot AR.Drone unlimited high fifteen minutes
Skyeye unlimited low three hours

Functional goals are...

  • stay afloat with three Helium filled envelopes
  • take in user's desired destinations as inputs
  • track the real-time location of the guiding device with off-board cameras
  • send location data to base-station using wireless communications
  • generate control signals based on location data
  • autonomously direct the guiding device to input destinations
  • maintain a steady and followable pace in three dimensions

Risks and mitigations are...

  • lift force is limited by the size of the balloons
    • reduce weight of on-board components
  • thrust will be limited by battery capabilities and motor strength
    • balance component cost, quality, and weight
  • large volume of blimps will be heavily susceptible to wind
    • this product is meant for indoor use




  • Two Blimps
  • Arduino Fio
  • Carbon Fiber Rod
  • Wi-Fi Module
  • Four Motors
  • Motor Driver
  • Four Propellers
  • Four Webcams
  • Two 2000mAh Batteries

  • Media


    Final Presentation

    Project Poster

    Project Proposal & Architecture


    5/3/2012 - Final Video

    3/7/2012 - Mid-Semester Demo Flight

    3/6/2012 - Camera Flight

    3/5/2012 - All Motors Maiden Flight

    3/2/2012 - Motor Driver Test

    2/24/2012 - Dual Motor Test

    2/17/2012 - Speed Test 2

    2/17/2012 - Weight Test