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Volkan Eren
Max Buevich
John Sexton
Javier Novales

Project Concept A jacket outfitted with a set of pressure sensors that provides a tactile, convenient, and discrete interface to control applications running on a phone. (e.g. A person wearing the jacket could touch their right shoulder in order to play/pause the music they are listening to.) The smart jacket would communicate wirelessly with the phone and thus would also allow for remote control of apps from many feet away.

Motivation Extreme weather conditions and associated clothing such as gloves make it inconvenient to interface with a smartphone on the go. FMJ allows a user to interact with their mobile device in a more natural way.

Competing Products
Burton-Motorola Audex Jacket Rosner MP3Blue Jacket


Allow users to control music and handle interrupting calls without touching the device.

Ensure reliable pressure sensor operation.

React gracefully to sensor malfunction or loss of wireless signal.

Maintain physical robustness.

Technical. Specifications.

Pressure Sensors
Low-Power 8-bit Microcontroller
Bluetooth Module
Android Smartphone

Pressure data collection code
Bluetooth communication code
Android services control code

Bluetooth Wireless Protocol
RS-232 Protocol
Android libraries

Risks and Mitigation Strategies:
Coming Soon.

Time Lapse:
Coming Soon.

Presentations and Videos

Project Proposal and Requirements
Design and Architecture
Mid-semester Project Status
Test Plan and Experimental Validation
Final Project Presentation
Project Poster

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