Project Description

This project was undertaken as coursework for 18-549: Embedded Systems Design at Carnegie Mellon University. We are working in teams of 4 to design practical applications for various embedded systems from start to finish.

We will follow industry-standard project practices throughout the semester, including the following steps:

  1. Design
  2. Configuration
  3. Engineering & Implementation
  4. Testing


Additionally, this project will test our proficiency and background in areas such as embedded programming, system architecture and software engineering. We will use techniques such as design reviews and quality assurance plans to ensure that our product meets specifications. Throughout the semester, even during development of our prototype, each team will give presentations describing the current project status and functional demonstrations of aspects of the architecture.

Site Map

  1. Introduction
    • Motivation
    • Purpose
    • Competitive Analysis
  2. Specifications
    • Requirements
    • Technical Specifications
    • Use Cases
  3. Design
    • Architecture
    • System States
  4. Implementation
    • Implementation Details
  5. Evaluation
    • Risks & Mitigation Strategies
    • Error Handling
    • Test Cases
    • Experimental Evaluation
  6. Post-Mortem
    • Lessons Learned
    • Fun Stuff
  7. Additional Resources