Status Report #2: 10/5 (Eugene)

  • Did code analysis on basic audio IO demo from last week to identify ways to decrease latency from hearing sound to responding
  • Did analysis on query waveforms to figure out best opportunities based on volume to have program recognize a query has started
  • Set up Alexa and Google Home for testing (1 hour with computing services got nowhere. I learned later that Google Home can’t be set up with G Suite and no one said otherwise)

Status Report #2: 10/5 (Spencer)

  • Because I am presenting this week for design review, I focused on the design presentation slides and presentation preparation. 
  • I spent my time thinking about the overall narrative for the design presentation as well as making block diagrams for various components.
  • I also did preliminary investigation into what NLP system & potential filter designs we would want to use for some optimizations to try.