18-551: Digital Communication and Signal Processing Systems Design

Course Description:

This course provides the student with a rich, in-depth design and application hardware project experience in the areas of digital communications and/or signal/image processing systems using DSP hardware. Teams of students work on a semester-long project of their choice. Topics include: speech and music processing, digital communications, multimedia processing, data compression, data storage, wireless communications, CD, image and/or signal processing, pattern recognition, etc. One month of introductory laboratories familiarize the students with DSP hardware and support software. Lectures may address z-transforms, IIR and FIR filter design using MATLAB and DSP hardware, LPC and adaptive filters, channel coding, time and frequency multiplexing, short time Fourier and wavelet transforms, and spread spectrum techniques, image moments, principal component analysis, linear discriminant analysis, advanced correlation filters and other feature extraction image processing & recognition methods.

Past Projects