Classes start on January 17, 2017

Date Topic Reading Notes
Wed, Jan 18 Course Overview
CMU Computing Policy
CMU Policy on Academic Integrity
Symmetric Key Cryptography
Fri, Jan 20 Recitation 01: Discrete Probability Theory notes
Mon, Jan 23 Stream Ciphers KL 29-40, 61-77 notes
Wed, Jan 25 Stream Ciphers II KL 159-187 notes
Fri, Jan 27 Recitation 02: PRNG and Semantic Security Review (Guest lecturer: Kyle Soska)
Homework 1 out
Mon, Jan 30 Stream Ciphers III KL 82-85, 86-90 notes
Wed, Feb 1 Block Ciphers KL 94-102 notes
Fri, Feb 3 Recitation 03: Asymptotic Security and Cryptographic Design notes
Mon, Feb 6 Using Block Ciphers KL 111-126 notes
Wed, Feb 8 Using Block Ciphers II
Message Integrity
KL 127-143 notes
Fri, Feb 10 Recitation 04: Reduction Proofs notes
Mon, Feb 13 Message Integrity II
Collision Resistance
Homework 1 due (extended)
Homework 2 out
KL 148-154 notes
Wed, Feb 15 Collision Resistance II
Authenticated Encryption
Public Key Cryptography
Fri, Feb 17 Recitation 05: Homework 1 Review
Mon, Feb 20 Authenticated Encryption II
Basic Key Exchange
KL 359-363 notes
Wed, Feb 22 Basic Key Exchange II
Introduction to Number Theory
KL Ch. 7 notes
Fri, Feb 24 Recitation 06: Number Theoretic Symmetric Key Constructions notes
Mon, Feb 27 Introduction to Number Theory II
Homework 2 due
Homework 3 out
KL 315-339, 364-368 notes
Wed, Mar 1 Public Key Encryption from Trapdoor Permutations notes
Fri, Mar 3 Recitation 07: Algebraic Structures and Algorithms in Number Theory notes
Mon, Mar 6 Public Key Encryption from Trapdoor Permutations II
Public Key Encryption: Diffie-Hellman
KL 421-432 notes

Wed, Mar 8 Publik Key Encryption: Diffie-Hellman II
Digital Signatures I
KL 432-453 notes
Fri, Mar 10 No Recitation: Mid Semester Break
Homework 3 due
Mon, Mar 13 No Class: Spring Break
Wed, Mar 15 No Class: Spring Break
Fri, Mar 17 No Recitation: Spring Break
Mon, Mar 20 Digital Signatures II
Homework 4 out
Protocols and Advanced Topics
Wed, Mar 22 Authentication and key Exchange: Kerberos + IPSec Just Fast Keying
Optional: Kerberos V5 Network Authentication Service
Fri, Mar 24 Recitation 08: Homework 2 review
Mon, Mar 27 Authentication on the Web: SSL/TLS TLS v1.2 RFC notes
Wed, Mar 29 Authentication on the Web: Password Security Spaced Repetition and Mnemonics Enable Recall of Multiple Strong Passwords
Naturally Rehearsing Passwords
The science of guessing: analyzing an anonymized corpus of 70 million passwords
Fri, Mar 31 Recitation 09: Homework 3 review
Mon, Apr 3 Authentication on the Web: Accountable Public Key Infrastructure
Homework 4 due
Certificate Transparency notes
Wed, Apr 5 Mini Project: Generating Rogue Certificate via Finding Hash Collision
Mini Project out
Z3 Theorem Prover
SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2)
Rogue Certificate
Fri, Apr 7 Recitation 10: Homework 4 review
Mon, Apr 10 Accountability: Electronic Voting Verifiability, Privacy and Coercion-Resistance
Scantegrity II
Proving Coercion-Resistance of Scantegrity II
Wed, Apr 12 Accountability in Anonymous Communication / DC-Nets Untraceable Electronic Mail
The Dining Cryptographers Problem
Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router
Fri, Apr 14 Recitation 11: Homework 4 review (continued)
Mon, Apr 17 Anti-Surveillance: Security of Symmetric and Big Key Encryption against Mass Surveillance Security of Symmetric Encryption against Mass Surveillance
The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work [pg 31-]
Wed, Apr 19 Anti-Surveillance: Anonymous Credentials and Private Information Retrieval
Homework 5 out
Pseudonym Systems [pg 7-24]
Private Information Retrieval
Fri, Apr 21 No Recitation: Carnival
Mini Project due (extended)
Mon, Apr 24 Anti-Surveillance: Riposte
(Guest lecturer: Henry Corrigan-Gibbs)
Riposte: An Anonymous Messaging System Handling Millions of Users
Wed, Apr 26 Elliptic Curve Cryptography Elliptic Curve Cryptography: a gentle introduction notes
Fri, Apr 28 Recitation 12: Elliptic Curve Cryptography (location moved to BH A53)
Mon, May 1 Cryptocurrencies
Homework 5 due
How the Bitcoin protocol actually works
Research Persectives and Challenges for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Wed, May 3 Course Wrap-up notes
Fri, May 5 Recitation 13: Homework 5 review (location moved to BH A53)

* All schedules are subject to change over the course.